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Bathroom Led Lighting Mirror Cabinet Varieties

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  • 13 May 2024

Bathroom Cabinets with led mirrors are presented in numerous types, differing in different parameters. The dimensions of the mirror cabinet can be narrow or wide. If you choose a design for a narrow corridor, then it should not be too large in size, so the ideal choice would be a narrow design equipped with one or two mirrors. Even with such small sizes, the products are distinguished by good capacity and functionality. Larger models are suitable for a square room, which can be used not only for storing clothes, but even for installing ironing boards, large bags or small household appliances. Thanks to such furniture, a competent place to store numerous things is provided.


The main types include:

built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors. It is installed in small spaces and is considered an ideal choice if there are different niches and recesses in the room. Its distinctive feature is the absence of a back wall, and often side surfaces. Due to this, materials are saved, so the cost of products is quite affordable;

The corner design fits perfectly into different interior styles. It guarantees space saving as it takes up empty space. It can be equipped with a different number of doors with mirrors, and two sections can have different sizes;

The radius wardrobe in the photo looks really interesting and elegant, so it fits well in the living room or large corridor. It is ideal for a custom style. It has a convex shape, and the doors slide apart around the circumference. Due to this device, the design has good capacity;

straight products are standard, and they usually use a mirror for decoration or to increase their functionality. They are installed along the wall of the room, taking up quite a lot of space, so they are ideal for large rooms;

wall-mounted models - usually such a cabinet is mounted in the bathroom. It is designed to store various personal hygiene items. It is small in size and therefore equipped with a small mirror.

If there is a mirror, the wardrobe for accessories or clothes can be intended for different rooms. Usually chosen for the hallway, bathroom or hall, and is also often installed in the bedroom.

Built-in Cabinet Hinged Radial Corner

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