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Illuminated Mirror Cabinets, Where To Put Them

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  • 13 May 2024
Mostly mirrored cabinets are placed in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway. In the hallway, such a cabinet is used to store outerwear and shoes. And if space allows, you can place larger closets there to accommodate all your clothes and bedding. This frees up space in the bedroom and living room. For those who are used to storing things in the room for convenience or for other reasons, a mirrored wardrobe is suitable. In both cases, a clear advantage will be that when changing clothes, dressing up for a holiday, or just admiring yourself, closing the closet doors, you will immediately look in the mirror.

With the bathroom, everything is much clearer. When washing your face in the morning, who would refuse to look in the mirror? It is impossible to deny the necessity of this useful item. A bathroom is not always a huge and free space. So, when the cabinet already has a mirror, it is very convenient.


Application options
To decorate the interior, designers use a variety of furniture items. They can be completely decorated with mirror surfaces or include appropriate overlays, inserts, and small elements.

As for the mirrors themselves, a variety of models and variations are used. For example, solid products, panels, mosaics, regular and colored mirrors, matte and with decorative coating, curved, and artificially aged.

Advice! The simplest option for changing the interior is to cover the furniture with mirror film. This is an economical option for adding mirrors to your decor.

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